Organic Floral Holiday Centrepiece Tutorial

Dec 18, 2014 | Inspiration

We're in botanical heaven today thanks to Ashley Sawtelle and European Flower Shop and their tutorial fit for an enthusiastic floral novice who wants their Holiday centrepiece to be a showstopper this year (like us!). Now let's get foraging and try our hands at this simple floral how-to...

From Ashley Sawtelle: "We created a DIY tutorial for creating an asymmetrical arrangement with various florals and botanicals that create interesting height, shapes and texture. We were also inspired by what is right in your own backyard: gathering beautiful fall foliage and berries for the arrangement. Even though this has holiday elements, the same technique can be applied for anytime of the year."

Materials required

- Beautiful vessel

- Clippers

- Floral frog

- Greenery of varying height, color and texture

- Foraged botanicals from your garden or yard

- Flowers of varying shape and texture while staying true to your color palette 

AshleySawtelle-2 Ashley Sawtelle AshleySawtelle-3 Ashley Sawtelle AshleySawtelle-6 Ashley Sawtelle AshleySawtelle-7 Ashley Sawtelle


1. Start with a beautiful vessel...

2. Place a floral frog in the base of your vessel to hold the shape of your arrangement. Fill the vessel with water...

3. Create the base. Create the base for your asymmetrical design with a foundation of long stem greenery, securing end in floral frog. Here I am using olive branches which are sturdy and hold shape very nicely. Use longer branches to create height and dimension. Fill in center and empty pockets with branches, forged foliage and berries, trim if necessary...

AshleySawtelle-9 Ashley Sawtelle AshleySawtelle-10 Ashley Sawtelle

4. Next, place focal blooms. Only a few large blooms are necessary, do not overwhelm the design with too many. I used one white duchess peony to create balance between the longer olive branches. 

AshleySawtelle-13 Ashley Sawtelle AshleySawtelle-14 Ashley Sawtelle

5. Add in accent flowers. Select 2-3 different accent blooms, which will add height, color and movement to maintain that "foraged" feel in your arrangement. I used sahara roses and white majolica spray roses.

AshleySawtelle-15 Ashley Sawtelle

6. Last, fill in centerpiece. Once you are satisfied with the shape of your arrangement finish your design by filling in empty pockets with remaining greens, foraged leaves and berries.

AshleySawtelle-17 Ashley Sawtelle AshleySawtelle-19 Ashley Sawtelle AshleySawtelle-20 Ashley Sawtelle

OK, we're totally going to create one of these stunning Holiday tablecentres this year! We're off to forage...

Vendor details

Photography and styling: Ashley Sawtelle | Film Lab: Photovision | Florals: European Flower Shop 


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