Neutral and Organic Elopement Details

Sep 17, 2015 | Inspiration
What captured our hearts in this European inspired elopement was the storyline and the way that film photographer LeiLani of Elle Golden Photography says 'the couple allowed nature to choose their palette'. Just having a smaller, more intimate gathering and celebration of love does not mean you have to sacrifice the grand and thoughtful details! The lovely RiverOaks Charleston always stands out as one of the most beautiful wedding venues, perfect for any size guest list…. From Elle Golden Photography: "I imagined an intimate elopement for our bride and groom. Only their closest friends and family members shared the journey to the private estate where the couple would wed near a tranquil river. The morning of the wedding, our bride takes a moment for herself. She is cloaked in a delicate robe, readying herself for the day ahead. She gazes through the window and catches a glimpse of her handsome groom. She smiles as she envisions their first wedding anniversary. She will present these boudoir images to her husband as the traditional paper gift: in a simple linen album or as loose prints in a custom, handcrafted wooden box. As the day progresses, all the little details are captured. A veil resting on a nearby chair, waiting for its moment to shine. The elegant invitations bestowed on a privileged few. The al fresco dinner reception table is which reflects the couple's laid back style and is lovingly set up by their parents. Fine wines, cheeses, fresh herbs, honey and berries. Even the beloved pets who befriend all the venue's guests get their chance to smile for the camera. Our couple allowed nature to choose their wedding day palette. Drawing inspiration from the spanish moss and the winding river, the florals display a lovely combination of creams, blues, greens, and accents of dusty rose and deep purples. The bride's dearest friend foraged and arranged her bouquet. The time has come for our couple to see each other. There is no rush associated with traditional wedding days. They take their time enjoying these sweet, private moments, knowing they will soon be husband and wife. They embrace one another as Charleston's iconic live oaks provide a stunning background. The soon to be newlyweds pose for a few more photos before joining their loved ones to begin the biggest adventure they'll ever take together: marriage." riveroakscharlestonellegolden-1 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-5 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-10 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-30 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-31 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-36 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-50 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-43 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-71 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-67 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-73 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-76 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-72 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-78 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-86 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-99 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-98 Elle Golden Photography riveroakscharlestonellegolden-87 Elle Golden Photography
Vendor Details
Photography: Elle Golden Photography | Film Lab: The FIND Lab | Venue & Styling: RiverOaks Charleston | Florals: RiverOaks Charleston assisted by Simone Gebsattel Design | Getting Ready Gown: Shop Gossamer | Hair & Makeup: Juve Salon Studio | Stationery: Amanda Day Rose | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Ribbon: Silk and Willow | Jewelry: Glitz and Love | Organization: Live View Studios  


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