Free Spirited Outdoor Real Wedding

Sep 08, 2014 | Weddings

We're often amazed by the creativity and ideas that brides have and today's real wedding from Ashton Jean-Pierre Phototography wowed us! Bride Emma rode to her ceremony on the back of a black Friesian horse! An elegant yet risky move but she looked fabulous! Close to the beach, Ben and Emma enjoyed a day full of personal touches with laid back style...

From the bride, Emma: "It was our anniversary and we had been together for 8 years. Ben knows how much I love horse riding so he secretly booked me a day out riding with Black Friesian Horses as my anniversary present. He did tell me on the day I was going horse riding, but little did I know it was going to turn out into a proposal."

Ashton JP Photography 1 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-READY1-3 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography Ashton JP Photography 2 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-COUPLE2-8 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-Detail8-4 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography

"It was a lovely spring afternoon and I was really enjoying the horse ride on the beautiful Friesian horse. As I was coming towards the end of my ride, I was cantering across the field, slowing down as I came around the corner and all of a sudden saw Ben with a picnic all laid out, haystacks, flowers, champagne in the bucket. It was so unexpected yet a lovely surprise and at that point, I knew a proposal would follow. His timing couldn’t have been better, he proposed 4 weeks before I was off travelling in South America."

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"We were engaged for a year before getting hitched. Seeing as I accepted Ben’s proposal after riding with the Black Friesian Horses, it was only right they also were there for my special day.  They are also stunning creatures, completely black and majestic looking so I knew it would add the wow factor to the day."

Ashton JP Photography 3 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-COUPLE6 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-COUPLE3-28 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-DETAIL6-5 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography Ashton JP Photography Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography

"Ben and I wanted our wedding to be laidback and free spirited with lots of fun. Firstly, we wanted an outdoor ceremony so finding the venue to accommodate that and also allow dogs and horses on site was key. Secondly I wanted something bohemian and quirky that represented both of us. Newton Hall was perfect in every way because it was also close to the beach and we love being outdoors particularly near the ocean. The décor inside really appealed to me with both the manor house and the reception having overhanging flower trees which set it apart. This kind of décor was also the inspiration for my boho theme design ideas for invitations, menu, plan of the day board and so on."

AshtonJeanPierre-COUPLE2-25 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography Ashton JP Photography 5 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-COUPLE2-15 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-COUPLE3-26 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography Ashton JP Photography 7 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography Ashton JP Photography6 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-COUPLE3-7 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography AshtonJeanPierre-COUPLE2-29 Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography

Vendor details

Photographer: Ashton Jean-Pierre Phototography | Film Lab: CC Imaging | Bridal gown: Pronovias from Bridal Rogue Gallery | Veil: Bridal Rogue Gallery | Headpiece: Victoria Walker Boutique | Shoes: Debut from Debenhams | Flowers: Darling & Green | Engagement ring: Azendi | Jewellery/Accessories: Rowan Jewellery of Royal Deeside | Cherry Blossom rings: Lindows Jewellers | Midi rings: PuranaJewellery on Etsy | Bridesmaids dresses: Jarlo | Grooms suit: Trouser and Waistcoast by Hammond & Co, Shirt and Jacket from TMLewis and bow tie from Mrs Bow Tie | Grooms Shoes: Barkers Shoes | Groomsmen suits: TMLewis shirts, Waistcoat from Topman and Trousers were by Hammond & Co | Bow ties: Mrs Bow Tie | Venue: Newton Hall | Catering: Newton Hall | Cake: And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon | Cake topper: Darling & Green | Stationery: Dean Harris | Hair and Make up: Lisa Jones | Music: DJ Don Gray | Black Horses: Tracey Venter | Photobooth: Snaparazzi


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