Elegant Bridal Inspiration

May 19, 2014 | Inspiration

Elegant, ethereal and the perfect excuse to have some incredible portraits taken before or after your wedding day. This bridal session from Bubblerock Photography shows all brides how to practice posing (and most of us need that!) and just generally getting used to the camera before the big day. We also hear how many brides chose to have their bridal portraits taken after the wedding day itself enabling the couple to enjoy the day without worry they have to disappear from family and friends at the wedding. Plus it's the perfect excuse to dress up in your wedding gown again after the big day! Perhaps even with a different style. Count us in...

From Steph at Bubblerock: "When Erich McVey was travelling to New Zealand, we jumped on the opportunity to have a little one-on-one. We have been filmmakers for a while now, both digital and super8, and we have started photographing a lot more. With the same interest for film than when we shoot super8, we have started very quickly to shoot medium format and thought it would be perfect to do something with Erich and Amy. This couple shoot was organised as a part of the one-on-one workshop. With a gorgeous dress by Kelsey Genna, an up and coming NZ designer, we went for the simplicity of a couple shoot in a gorgeous botanical garden, given us a range of environment, always focusing on capturing intimate moments, full of love and laughter."

bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0014 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0018 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0015 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0035 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0028 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0035 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0009 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0012 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0039 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0040 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0026 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0025 Bubblerock Photography bubblerock_coupleshoot_filmphotography_Auckland_0031 Bubblerock Photography

Vendor details

Photography: Bubblerock | Film Lab used: PhotoVision | Dress: Kelsey Genna | Flowers: The Heirloom | Hair & Make Up: Sarah Knight


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