Elegant Black Dress Bridal Inspiration

Jul 21, 2014 | Inspiration

We just adore brides who think outside the box and coloured wedding gowns are the epitome of an adventurous stylish bride for us. We know that black might be the extreme end of the colour spectrum for most but trust me when we say that this Marchesa dress photographed by Julie Cate Photography will make you think twice...

From Julie Cate Photography: "There are times that we all need to be perked up by our minds and just let our creativity take on whatever it wants. I saw this dress online and knew instantly I wanted to shoot it. Its mermaid curvy shape, lace detail and illusion top was amazing. Only thing was, it was not the typical white or blush dress. It was black and that is not the typical color of dress that evokes romance and love and weddings. Fortunately, I couldn't stop thinking about it. There have been beautiful weddings in black weddings dresses and they have consistently more and more trendy. Carrie did it (Sarah Jessica), Jose did it, Vera did it.

To off set the dark color, I purchased some pretty blush roses and white hydrangeas and through them together with foliage from the garden. I had the bride go barefoot to bring the drama down just a bit. Kym wore her hair up in a simple beautiful bun and I topped it off with some vintage gold and crystal earrings I purchased while in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Club Continental was a great location. The historic estate is a reminiscent of old Florida with the lush green palms and hedges covering pink hued stone. The green gates, spanish tile roof and small koi ponds were perfect for pictures. I loved the images we captured in this lovely black dress. These colors could be used for weddings, and vow renewals. For those that are daring… trend setters or even those who are, for a moment, letting their mind just have fun."

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Vendor details

Photography: Julie Cate Photography | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Hair and make up: Kym Cross Hair & Makeup Artistry | Dress: Notte by Marchesa | Venue: Club Continental Earrings: vintage


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