Editor’s Letter - Sara’s last day at Wedding Sparrow

Jul 29, 2016 | Industry

Oh boy... Leaving your business/brand for any reason is a nervous moment for anyone and it's something that has been creeping up on me for a while now with trepidation. Whilst I need to start this update with a firm confirmation that Wedding Sparrow is not going anywhere (never!), it's just little old me that is taking a break for a while.

So, where am I going? We've been growing the Sparrow team and one member in particular needs some special attention. Mr Sparrow and I are expecting an addition to our nest and we're unbelievably excited to be welcoming this new addition during August.

Nope, you didn't miss anything on social media! In a world of disposable statuses and disappearing well wishes, we purposefully chose to not announce our news to the online world. We told all our small circle of friends and family in person wherever possible and that was it. The old fashioned way. It's been a long journey for us and I must add that I'm forever grateful to all my friends (online and in person) who helped us over the last 4 years of fertility treatment to achieve our goal through encouragement and love. So we've been cocooned in our baby world privately and enjoying every moment of this sweet gift. And no, I haven't had any maternity film photography done! (hangs head in shame)

So excuse us whilst we drop off the social calendar for a while and dive head first into the unknown. Wedding Sparrow continues as normal with a fantastic team behind it (and let's face it, those that know me, know how much I'll be checking emails and social every day!). My out of office will be going on today and I'll be catching back up after a short sabbatical.

I'm sincerely privileged to leave my brand and business in safe hands and continue to watch it grow. So stay in touch sweet friends and wish us luck on this terrifying/exciting/loving journey...

See you soon!

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Katy Lunsford - 1 August 2016

Ahh yay! Such brilliant news, and especially when the journey has not been easy. Enjoy this precious time with your new addition, it’s a roller coaster but so wonderful. And work can wait :) All the best! Xxx

Catharine Noble - 1 August 2016

Huge congratulations to you both and all our love and best wishes for this beautiful new chapter in your lives, Catharine + James

Melanie - 31 July 2016

Dear Mrs. & Mr. Sparrow!

Congratulations to you two! Hope you enjoy this exciting journey to the fullest. I’m so happy for you.


Sarah Gawler - 29 July 2016

Congratulations Sara. Wishing you a wonderful time diving into the unknown!! xoxoxo

Therese - 29 July 2016

Congratulations Sara! It’s gonna be an adventure for you with a little one. Lots of love! Xo

Heather Payne - 29 July 2016

AHHHH Congratulations, Sara! Wishing you (three) all the best! XO

Emma Billsborough - 29 July 2016

Congratulations Sara, Such lovely news! Hope you enjoy your time off and as a family x x x

Sara - 29 July 2016

CONGRATS! So happy for you both!

Allie Jennings - 29 July 2016

Best news! Enjoy your time away, so happy for you!

Tanja Kibogo - 29 July 2016

Wow, such great news! Congratulations and enjoy some time off wtih a cute litlle bundle of joy and some diapers ;)


Laura Murray - 29 July 2016

Best news EVER!!!!!!!  Congratulations to you!!!!!  Sending lots of love.  You will make such amazing parents and get ready for the absolutely best time of your life!!  So happy!

Steph Killip - 29 July 2016

You know I know you know what this journey is and how hard it can be but also how freaking exciting it is to finally be able to take that break and welcome that little life… Lots of love from me, Rob and Axel!!! xoxo

Katie grant - 29 July 2016

Yayyyyyy (and also a little dawww). But fantastic news for the sparrow family and all the best

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