Creating your Wedding Website with Minted

Apr 04, 2017 | Planning

So you're engaged, you've got your date and venue down, your bridesmaids and groomsmen asked, and you've pinned about 100 wedding dresses (all different styles we're sure, ha!)... but where do you go from here? It is the beginning stages of planning, after you've done the most urgent and important tasks, that leaves you like what next?

Thanks to our friends over at Minted, we're discussing some of our favorite benefits to creating a wedding website and overly excitedly sharing our love for Minted's website specifically! A wedding website is the perfect place to direct all of the questions you are about to get: when is the wedding? Where? Accommodations? Fun things to do while in town? Who's in the wedding? Directions? and so, so much more. But a wedding website doesn't have to be boring and cookie cutter. Actually, Minted offers hundreds of templates with the options to customize your URL, change around the layouts, accept RSVPs for multiple events (amazing), and one of our favorite features: you can match your INVITATIONS to your website. Seriously, where were minted wedding websites when we were engaged?

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A website allows you to show off those gorgeous engagement photos in a beautiful way for your guests to see. For the guests who live far or perhaps don't have a Facebook (maybe your Great Aunt Helen?), they can stay in the loop and fawn over your radiance. The websites are a fabulous place to display just a little extra creativity where otherwise, you wouldn't be able to. In addition, your website allows you to show a little bit more of your personalities, your story, and who you two are for the guests that may not know you well.

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Minted allows you to display a map, include directions, and details which is particularly helpful for the out of town guests. Rather than fielding tons of questions via text close to the wedding, you are able to just send over your link and they can find everything they need in one place! Your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, and friends are also able to do the same as they will receive tons of questions even up to the hour of your big day. Finally, another detail that always seems to come up is where you are registered. You're able to put in custom links to your registry and direct questions that way - how convenient!

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Wedding Favors - 7 September 2017

Wedding websites are such a great idea.  It gives the bride and groom an opportunity to share intimate moments with family and friends through video, pictures and text.

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