Boho DIY wedding ~ Micheal B

Oct 10, 2013 | Weddings
We love an outdoor bohemian wedding as much as the next person but this real wedding even features the couple's own jetty where they could sail off in their own little row boat! Cute! Today's real wedding of Emily and Carl from Micheal B is a very special one. DIY galore and personal touches mean this boho DIY wedding in their backyard is all about love...
From the bride, Emily: "We decided to get married at Carl's family house in Mont Tremblant since it was such a beautiful place that it seemed natural to take advantage of all it had to offer. The house was designed by his grandfather and built when they were really young, so there were many memories in that house for him, and some more we've made since we've been together. The house has a great flow for gatherings, and has so many balconies to enjoy the scenery--the house is almost just an extension of the outdoor space, which is in itself the perfect place for a wedding celebration. The day, and the whole weekend, went by so quickly, and it truly was the best day of my life! To be surrounded by so many friends and family from all different times of your life is truly special, and something I could not comprehend until I actually experienced it. The whole week leading up to the wedding, our families and some friends had come to help put everything together, from the flowers and decorations, to the arch, to the lighting and tents. The morning of the wedding, we woke up to pouring rain, and all while we were getting ready, it rained. It sopped for a while, and things seemed to be clearing up. Guests arrived, and just as they were going down to the lake, where we were planning to have the ceremony, it started to pour! Some guests had umbrellas and some were hiding under the trees. We didn't know whether to bag the outdoor ceremony, or to wait. Our friend who was with us ran out into the rain to take a look at the sky, and using some weather app announced to us "it'll pass in 2 minutes". So we headed down to the lake, and lo and behold, as we began the procession, the rain stopped. During the ceremony, I remember the sun was shining on us as we said our vows and promised to love each other for the rest of our lives. The rest of the night was a blur. We didn't have a wedding planner, so relied on sage friends to tell us they were ready to cut a rug on the dance floor or that the sunset was a perfect backdrop for toasts. We  also had our caterer bring poutine as a midnight snack, which I think was a hit, considering it was gone before I even saw it! The only regret I had was that the last shuttle left the house at 3am, when it felt like the night had only just begun...."
emily_carl_wedding_MB_039 Photography ~ Micheal B MBDuo1 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_013 Photography ~ Micheal B MBDuo2 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_016 Photography ~ Micheal B MBDuo3 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_050 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_017 Photography ~ Micheal B MBDuo4 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_078 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_063 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_069 Photography ~ Micheal B MBDuo5 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_077 Photography ~ Micheal B MBDuo6 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_118 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_130 Photography ~ Micheal B MBDuo7 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_153 Photography ~ Micheal B emily_carl_wedding_MB_144 Photography ~ Micheal B Vendor details: Photography: Micheal B // Food: Patrick Bermand catering // Hair and makeup: Salon Jaim // Cakes: Wedding cake made by a friend, the rest of the desserts were from Patisserie La Montagnard // Flowers: Freshly picked wild flowers // Arch: Homemade


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