Behind the Scenes of a Wedding Blog Editorial

Mar 06, 2015 | Industry
We're often asked about the editorials we create here at Wedding Sparrow HQ and we're incredibly lucky to meet the talented vendors we meet along the way! We get to work all over the world creating beauty and whilst it sounds glamourous, it's often a highly organised, scheduled timeline of events between flying into one airport and leaving another. We were recently invited to the most romantic city in the world, Paris, with the wonderfully revered Ashley Beyer from Tinge Floral and film photographer D'Arcy Benincosa to style an editorial that Ashley had in her mind after visiting Paris previously. After teaming up with Lesley Lau, Samuelle Couture, Enchanted Atelier, Kristin Hayes Jewelry and Kathryn Murray, we set off for Paris. This behind the scenes snapshot from D'Arcy Benincosa shows the wonderful Ashley at work creating magic. The full editorial shoot from the team will be on Wedding Sparrow later today so be sure to pop back (we've left you a sneak peek at the end of this post!)... From Ashley Beyer: "We've been to Paris once before. We fell in love the moment we walked up the steps from the Metro to the street. The sun was warm on our faces, and the first thing we could see were the iconic rooftops. The streets and the people in Paris are like old world charm and modernism colliding in a beautiful way. It was love at first sight for both of us. When we began planning our second trip, we didn't want to skip Paris, in fact it was my only request even if it was just for a few days. Creating in Paris became a dream, something I fantasized about every time I turned a corner. Everything is picturesque and inspiring, so to have the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of creative people this last time was a dream come true. I did some research on flower markets before our travels. I asked some locals, researched online, and contacted my wholesaler for any recommendations she had. This is my first tip! Get yourself acquainted with the area and what you have available to you. I had come up with a plan for where I was going to go, but our flight was delayed and I missed all of the flower markets in Paris on Saturday. I was crushed! Instead of visiting the cut flower market, I visited the bird market which happens every Sunday in Paris. Along with birds they sale potted plants. This ended up giving me the most gorgeous ingredients I could have ever hoped for. I was able to get a few interesting foliages, as well as hellebore and porcelain vine. I do this at home too! Sometimes you can find much more interesting foliages on plants than cut flowers. Now, I wouldn't recommend doing this, but since we didn't have many other options we visited a few flower shops and paid top dollar for garden roses, ranunculus, and the most gorgeous eucalyptus I had ever seen. Sometimes you just do what you have to do!" ABParis-11 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-6 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-78 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-70 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-42 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-16 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-61 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-48 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-96 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-89 D'Arcy Benincosa ABParis-86 D'Arcy Benincosa Paris2014-3 D'Arcy Benincosa After gathering all of my ingredients and heading back to the flat, I stood there at dusk with the windows open so I could hear the hustle and bustle of the street below. It was sundown, so the light was minimal. I let my hands work and I felt so at peace. I felt so grateful in that moment to be standing there looking out at the most beautiful view I think I've ever seen doing what I love so much. Before I knew it there were tears running down my cheeks. That is a moment I won't soon forget. Recap: Tips for sourcing flowers in Paris for small projects 1. Do you research on cut flower markets, there are many of them, so give yourself time to visit a few. 2. Be open minded. It's not likely that you are going to find an exact rose variety, or a certain foliage. Let your mind be inspired by what you have available to you. 3. Visit the plant market. My most unique and beautiful ingredients came from visiting here. And negotiate! It's expensive buying plants, so be willing to ask for a discount. 4. If all else fails, visit a few flower shops for your focal flowers. And now for a SNEAK PEEK of the stunning editorial coming later today... Paris2014-48 D'Arcy Benincosa Vendor details Photography: D'Arcy Benincosa | Styling of Behind the Scenes shoot: Lesley Lau| Florals: Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral | Dress: Samuelle Couture | Birdcage veil and headpieces: Enchanted Atelier | Earrings and bracelet: Kristin Hayes Jewelry | Hair and Make Up: My Beauty Corner | Suit: Next | Stationery: Kathryn Murray 


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